The Renaissance Man Company

Renaissance Men

Aaron Weideman, founder and CEO of Renaissance Man

Aaron's path to the next evolution of whiskey unknowingly started while he was a Sergeant in the US Marine Corp. While stationed in Japan he learned about a traditional technique of burning wood. After his service and two deployments, Aaron developed a successful woodworking business utilizing this ancient Japanese technique. This experience was the spark that started Renaissance Man and led to a cleaner more flavorful process of aging whiskey.


John Fitzgerald, founder and COO of Renaissance Man

A renaissance man is a person who has wide interests and has expertise in several areas. This is John, the man, the myth behind the name. From choir, 4H agility dog showing, a multi-sport athlete, training in jujitsu, kick boxing, professional personal trainer, stand up comedian, member of a heavy metal band, and a biophysics health coach. He worked to bridge the gap between ancestral wisdom and cutting edge science called bio-hacking. John ultimately decided to follow his passion to become a personal trainer and, of course, the front man for Renaissance Man Co. combining his love of healthy living and science.


Our Core Values


We believe we have a responsibility to strive for innovation without compromising the moral code of our society. We aim to provide not only an exceptional product but an example of what can be; what is possible.

Through the traditional aging process, bourbon takes about 8 years to mature in barrels that are only used once. With our Oak Stave Aged process, we mature whiskey in a fraction of the time while creating a cleaner, smoother whiskey, with international award-winning flavor.

We have discovered the next iteration of whiskey barrel aging. An iteration, that we will make the industry standard.



We believe we have a duty to both preserve our beautiful planet, but also to provide more than we take.

Barrel production is the largest harvester of American White Oak trees. Every year 240 million are harvested, with only 2 barrels produced per tree. That leaves 80% of the tree unused, and in 10 - 15 years there will not be enough American White Oak trees to meet this demand.

Our Oak Stave Aged process utilizes 98% less trees than traditional barrel aging and with our Oak Tree Planting Program we can give back more. Through this program, we plant a new Oak Tree for every 10 bottles sold. In doing this, we will be able to plant 3400 trees for every batch of whiskey we age.



We believe in the importance of building up our communities, to heal the individual as well as the collective.

A portion of our profits will be used to create and operate a US Veterans program that helps our Veterans with the transition back into the civilian world. This transition can be fraught with confusion, uncertainty, and frustration. We strive to assist them with the mental and physical healing that they need, as well as providing resources to fund their dreams.

Our hope is that through this program, we can give our Veterans a self-sense of pride, ownership, and purpose once again.


We believe high quality whiskey starts with the high quality ingredients and practices.

The process of distillation creates harmful toxins and impurities that our body struggles to filter out. In addition, when using grains that have been treated with pesticides, these chemicals become concentrated during the distillation process.

We source only the highest quality organic ingredients untouched by harmful pesticides. Through our Oak Stave Aged process, the harmful toxins created by distillation, are removed. This allows you to appreciate the complexities of each grain chosen when drinking our whiskey.