About Us


Renaissance Man Co is a Veteran Owned & Operated business located in Southeastern Michigan. We founded RENMAN as a solution to unnecessary whiskey aging time and deforestation.

Our Founders:

    • Aaron discovered our patent pending process as owner of a successful custom woodworking business. He Managed 30 marines as a Sergeant in the USMC. After his service and two deployments, he obtained a Business Finance Degree.
    • Over the last 10 years John has cultivated many one-on-one relationships with the business leaders of Michigan. It is through this network he has helped spark partnerships and foster healthy environments for successful startups. John has studied the innerworkings of human biology, physiology, and the natural environment for over a decade. 

The Problem:

    • Bourbon takes about 8 years to age.
    • In that time a barrel loses 5% of liquid each year, accumulating to 40% of total volume lost. To make this worse is the inefficiency of barrel production.
    • Every year 240 million white oaks are harvested for barrel making. Barrel making is the single largest harvester of white oaks.
    • Industry standard is to build two barrels from each tree. Meaning only 20% of the tree is utilized for barrels.
    • It is projected that in 10-15 years there will not be enough American White Oaks to meet demand.

Our Patent Pending Solution:

  • Our discovery utilizes 98% less trees and matures whiskey in 8 weeks, all  while providing a superior world renown flavor.

Milestones Thus far:

    • August 2021, we filed our patent application
    • We ran a crowd equity campaign from January 2022 – April 2022 and raised $127,000.
    • In April of 2022 we filed five trademarks for our business names and terms.
    • May of 2022, we won an International Silver Medal for American whiskey.

Our Mission

The time and flavor of what we have accomplished would be significant enough, but as we touched on earlier there is a daunting white oak shortage and the demand for bourbon is ever increasing.

It is industry standard to harvest two barrels worth of wood from every oak. This means one oak tree allows a distillery to make 600 to 700 bottles of eight-year bourbon.

So, while we can mature whiskey quicker with an international silver medal flavor, we also get to use 98% less trees. Meaning one tree allows us, with our patent pending process, to make 34,000 bottles per oak tree.

To help the diminishing supply of white oak, we plant an oak for every 10 bottles of whiskey we sell. 


We raise a glass to you,
in helping us change the world
one whiskey at a time.