It is the responsibility of every company to strive for innovation without compromising the moral code of our society. To strive for the best version of itself and the community in which it effects, to provide more than a product and provide an example of what can be; what is possible. Here at RENMAN we strive to do this every day.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality product with practices that give back more to the planet than we take. We build up our local and global community to heal the individual as well as the collective, and only build relationships with businesses that do the same. 

To accomplish this, it requires a great deal of Innovation. Which is why it is one of our three core values.

We have discovered the next iteration of whiskey barrel aging. One in which requires 98% less trees to produce the same yield. One in which requires 33% less water and grain to produce the same yield. One in which takes weeks not years to create a substantially higher quality spirit. 

Furthering our goals of innovation, we utilize a portion of our profits to build others up with us. Part of the RENMAN profits go to a US Veterans program we head ourselves in hopes to heal those that have sacrificed so much. The transition for all vets back into the civilian world is fraught with confusion, uncertainty and frustration. 

With our US Veterans program, we will not only assist them in the mental and physical healing they need, but also fund their dreams and give them full access to our resources. This will give our Vets a self-sense of pride, ownership, and purpose once again. 

Our Impact is more than just one action.

It is all too common among in the world of business to simply check a box for public perspective. That is not good enough. RENMAN will be the difference. We will show that one can cause true beneficial change for all and still make a profit. 

Join us!