Preservation is a core value of RENMAN because we believe a company's duty is to provide more to the world than it takes. Most companies market on their green practices and their diminished carbon footprint to obtain your dollars. While many of these companies may be genuine, few are looking beyond their own processes or towards the future.

We utilize our capital and influence to create greater change and prosperity. To build a future full of pride and hope in how you spend your dollar. 

We discovered the next iteration in aging whiskey. One in which utilizes 98% less trees and without any extra energy expenditure, or fancy gizmos. It’s simple: oak, fire, and whiskey. The difference between our discovery and the status quo of traditional aging is that ours is more efficient. It not only uses less trees, but also less water, grain and time. 

We could easily stop at our 98% less trees innovation and be ahead of all the rest in terms of green practices, but it’s not good enough. It does not preserve enough, which is why RENMAN implemented an Oak Tree Planting Program. 

At RENMAN we plant a new Oak Tree for every 10 bottles we sell. One oak tree harvested to make our whiskey provides enough wood to produce about 34,000 bottles of whiskey. By planting a tree for every 10 bottles we sell, RENMAN will be able to provide 3400 Oak trees for every one tree we use. Allowing us to give to the planet 3400 times more than what we are taking from it. That is exciting!

Our impact is more than any one action.

The present is fraught with dismay and upset. It is the responsibility of companies to provide the hope and excitement for what the future holds and to build a better planet. 

Join us in our mission to create a better future.