"I just tried the sample and all I can say is damn that was good.  I am not a whiskey expert by any means but certainly will enjoy a glass here and there, and the sample is exactly as advertised.  Smooth, great smell and taste of oak, and I would never have known it was aged only seven weeks!" -Joe-

"Overall I’m pretty impressed! Unique is the word I would definitely use. Definitely not a negative thing! First, I’ve had plenty of cheap bourbon/whiskey before and it DID NOT resemble any of that.Second, I could definitely taste the oak. Meaning that is definitely good thing for those who seek that specific taste.Good job, man. As someone who has drank LOTS of whiskeys and bourbons for years you definitely have something you can work with!" -Matt-

"It smells like a whiskey should. The alcohol smell is pungent, but I guess you'll get that with 95 proof. With how high the proof is, it is surprisingly smooth. Smell wise, in the glass, it's not offensive, and I feel like I can handle it if already feeling nauseous from being too drunk. 10/10 would recommend over Jack Daniel's and compared to turkey 101, Renaissance Man wins with taste and smoothness for a near 100 proof whiskey." -Sam-

"So Sam and I tried it and my first thought on it was man it smells good. So that was a good start. Sam doesn't like whiskey especially straight up like how I had her try it. But she goes yup taste like whiskey. So I guess from her stand point that's a good thing that it tastes like what it's supposed to. Now to my thought on the taste. It had the normal upfront taste that you get, but the finishing notes that were left were sweet and not offensive. Me personally I like a honey whiskey (I know how dare I) but I do like regular as well. So for me it could of been sweeter up front, but what I was left in my mouth after drinking was very nice. Overall very impressed with how that was transformed in such a short time." -Lain-

"You make a good whiskey sir. I there's no way anyone can say that it doesn't taste like whiskey that's been in barrels. Finishes very smooth with minimal burn afterwards." -John-