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Batch #1


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Private Limited Edition Release

First ever batch of Renaissance Man Organic Whiskey

Only 1000 750ml bottles to be released

Mash Bill:

68% Organic Corn

16% Organic Malted Barley

16% Organic Winter Wheat

Enjoy our patent pending maturation process showcased in this batch. It won an International Silver Medal for its unbelievably smooth finish and well rounded, roller coaster of flavor.

Release date is TBD, but make sure to fortify your allocation by getting on the waiting list.

Pick your bottle up at our new distillery and cocktail lounge in Port Huron: Exclusive to Michigan residents.

Direct to consumer shipping: Alaska, Kentucky, Arizona, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, and the District of Columbia. 

For all other customers located outside these states, we will work with you to ship your bottle to your favorite local liquor retailer.