Batch #1
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Batch #1


Private Edition Release

48% ABV  96 Proof 

Mash Bill:
68% Organic Corn
16% Organic Malted Barley
16% Organic Winter Wheat

Our whiskey is raw and unfiltered. So you may find a bit of barrel dust in the bottom of your bottle. Don't fret it only makes it better.

Because we don't cold filter, the fats in the whiskey may separate when the whiskey gets cold. Just shake the bottle and you’re back to drinking pretty whiskey.

Be Advised!

Michigan residents choose local pickup to grab your bottle from our lounge starting July 5th.

If you are located outside of Michigan it will take a few weeks to receive your bottle.

Shipping not Available in: AK, AL, HI, ID, MI, MS, OK, PA, UT